Essential oils are used in various ways. Some use them internally (need to be suitable for internal ingestion), externally (on the skin in soaps, lotions, roll-ons, etc), and by inhaling (diffusers or inhalers).

Essential oil aromatherapy inhalers are the perfect choice for assisted relief of many mental and physical concerns. Once inhaled essential oil molecules enter the body and begin to go to work. They can provide a sense of calm, relaxation, enhance focus, and even help us get up and get moving. They strengthen our health and encourage our well-being; they’re a true gift from nature. Best part, these inhalers are small and drip free to toss in one’s pocket, purse, jacket and take on the go. Lasts for months too!



Frankincense: inhale this oil and become grounded, calm, or assist in respiratory ailment

Frankincense  $5.00 each


Happy: inhale these oils of citrus and lift your spirits.

Happy $5.00 each


Headache: inhale the oils of peppermint, lavender, and others to get rid of the pesky headache

Headache  $5.00 each


Lavender: inhale this oil and become relaxed

Lavender  $5.00 each


4T-Thief: immune. Inhale and fight off germs. Great for all travel or being in the constant public.

4T-Thief  $5.00 each


Stuffy: inhale oils of camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and more to get rid of stuffy head from colds or sinus issues.

Stuffy  $5.00 each

Memory:  brain booster!  Inhale this rosemary oil that opens the brain and gives it that memory retention power.

Memory $5.00 each