“I usually go to the dentist every two months because of my plaque buildup and my gums get inflamed.  I’ve been using Tooth Sudz for a month now, and then I went to my dentist for my two month cleaning.  My hygienist and dentist both commented how good my gums look.  I have less plaque and less gum inflammation thanks to Tooth Sudz.  I’m a believer!”



“This is by far the best shampoo I used when I was backpacking in Mexico. It was easy to carry around and easy to get through airport security. On top of that, the way it left my hair really feeling made me become a fan of anything goat’s milk. I highly recommend trying it either for normal life or for traveling. What do you have to lose? ”  Best Shampoo for Traveling   (opens a YouTube video)


” I love, love your 4T spray.  I am back to stock up for the winter.  My family use it for everything! Thank you for a great and affordable product”.  

~ KC

“My face is a mess. I should say was…I have rosacea for many years and battle with it all the time.  Using the Dead Sea Mud soap and 4T spray, my face has cleared up immensely”.

~ LM

“We love how you produce your natural goat milk body products!”  

~ EH

“I just wanted to say I love, love, love, your products.  The 4T spray is amazing.  It took away my sons poison ivy very quickly and works great on bug bites and everything else we decide to spray it on in our house.  Also love the lotion and mud soap.”

~ LP

“Wack’s Attack is just the best!  Others We had were essential oils but didn’t work.  Yours does!”

~ LD

“Wack’s Attack is the bomb diggity!!”

~ RD

“This 4T is the best ever.  My child had poison ivy.  Gone is just a few days.  I had reservation how well this stuff would work. Amazing!  Cut myself and sprayed it on.  Pain gone in a few minutes.  I want a vat size bottle”.

~ AA

“I am in love with this lotion.  Silky smooth.  No dry skin on this gal”.

~ VC

“Each of my children have their own bottle of 4T in their room.  I spray their book bags every day they come home from school”.

~ Farmers’ Market customer

“I’ve purchased your ‘dragon’s blood’ lotion for two years at the Pleasant Valley’s Ladies night.  I love this lotion”.

~ KM

“I did not think I would like a shampoo bar.  Well, now that is all I use.  And I don’t need conditioner anymore.  Love my Pinetar Mint”.

~ IW

” Love your products.  Love the name.  It is so easy to remember”.  

~ Farmers’ Market customer

“Magnesium oil is the best.  I use it all the time when I get a massage”.

~ RF

“When you make your Blueberry Spray and lotions, we go nuts over it. We love it”.  

~ Ulster Savings 

“Being a massage therapist, I love the Magnesium Oil for my clients.  It definitely helps their aches”.

~ CH

“Love how I can use the Wack’s Attack on my dog.  And it deters ticks. Loving it!”

~ CP

“My family loves your soaps and sprays.  We love visiting your table when you go to an event”.

~ Dan